Established In 1430 AH, By the late Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdulaziz AlRajhi, the vision was to establish a company that manages and operates most of the existing activities at that time to put it in a single entity and under one management under the name of Abdullah Abdulaziz AlRajhi and Sons Holding Company (AlRajhi Invest).

AlRajhi Invest is aiming to Pioneering in local and foreign investments, creating new success opportunities, and continuing to raise the family name with continuous success and increasing profitable resources.

The approval of the establishment of the Industrial Group came more than 40 years ago to operate in the capital, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, within the framework of the state’s policy aimed at expanding the economic base and diversifying the national income streams and encouraging the private sector to play an active role in advancing economic development.

The industrial group consists of companies serving several fields, and its godfather was Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdulaziz AlRajhi, may God have mercy on him, who took it upon himself to develop and develop the industrial group, starting with AlRajhi Sponge Factory, and then the group expanded to several factories thanks to God and then thanks to the depth of thinking and strategic outlook.

Since the year 1399 AH, AlRajhi Real Estate Group was established and became a pioneer in the real estate development sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the group achieved great success in managing and developing real estate in several cities of the Kingdom, and it constitutes a diversity in its real estate portfolio between commercial and residential properties and the group kept pace with the continuous growth and renaissance in the sector Real estate in the Kingdom, where Riyadh took a major center to manage its business, then in the year 1434 AH the ownership of the group was transformed, as it became owned by Abdullah Abdulaziz AlRajhi and Sons Holding Company (AlRajhi Invest) and since that time, the group is proceeding according to plans and methodologies drawn by the members of the company’s board of directors, which includes among its members who have experience and expertise The company is looking for regional and global leadership in the field of real estate development, achieving more successes and setting new standards for the development of commercial, residential and mixed-use projects by following the best standards.

Investment Pioneers and Success Creators

Investment Pioneers and Success Creators