Investment Pioneers and Success Creators

Pioneering in local and foreign investments, creating new success opportunities, and continuing to raise the family name with continuous success and increasing profitable resources.

Established In 1430 AH, By the late Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, the vision was to establish a company that manages and operates most of the existing activities at that time to put it in a single entity and under one management under the name of Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi and Sons Holding Company (AlRajhi Invest).
The approval of the establishment of the Industrial Group came more than 40 years ago to operate in the capital, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, within the framework of the state’s policy aimed at expanding the economic base and diversifying the national income streams.

Since the year 1399 AH, Al-Rajhi Real Estate Group was established and became a pioneer in the real estate development sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the group achieved great success in managing and developing real estate in several cities of the Kingdom.

Our Culture

Over the past four decades, Our Group has developed a distinctive culture with an emphasis on innovation, efficient and industry-leading platforms as well as long-term strategic planning in all our sectors. Such corporate philosophy has allowed us to continuously adapt our business for the benefit of our clients and partners, aspiring to excellence in our field.


Operate with transparency, act with integrity, improve continuously



More than four decades in investments, real estate, and industry.

Our Clients

Investment Pioneers and Success Creators

Investment Pioneers and Success Creators