Our Founder

our founder

Abdallah Abdulaziz AlRajhi


Incorporation and founder

Established By the late Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, the vision was to establish a company that manages and operates most of the existing activities at that time to put it in a single entity and under one management under the name of Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi and Sons Holding Company, a closed joint stock company

(AlRajhi Business).

Country of incorporation and legal entity

The company was incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh and its legal entity is a closed joint-stock company.

Purpose and activities

Managing its subsidiary companies or participating in the management of other companies in which it contributes and providing the necessary support for them, owning the real estate and movables necessary to carry out its activities, and owning industrial property rights such as patents, trademarks, and industrial marks, franchising rights and other intangible rights, exploiting them and leasing them to its affiliates or others.

The capital (1,500,000,000) 1.5 Billion Saudi riyals fully paid.

Investment Pioneers and Success Creators

Investment Pioneers and Success Creators