About us


Pioneering in local and foreign investments, creating new growth opportunities, and continuing to raise the family name with continuous success and increasing profitable resources.


To be one of the 100 strongest companies in the Kingdom

Commitment to institutional regulations and policies inside and outside Saudi  Arabia

Credibility and commitment to shareholders

Transparency and application of corporate governance standards


Operate with transparency, act with integrity, improve continuously


More than four decades in the real estate, Industrial and investment sectors


A reputable name in Saudi Arabia and the region

Stakeholder engagement and support

Strong assets and financial foundation across the group

Strong management through a team of executives with vast experience across all business lines of the group


To manage and operate most of the existing activities at that time to put it in a single entity and under one management.
The approval of the establishment of the Industrial Group came more than 40 years ago to operate in the capital, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Real Estate

Since the year 1399 AH, Al-Rajhi Real Estate Group was established and became a pioneer in the real estate development sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Investment Pioneers and Success Creators

Investment Pioneers and Success Creators